muscles leaning into me
bruising me for later reference
stretching boundaries i never knew existed
some things come on their own-
others must be taught.
beautiful women pass me everyday
they know what i know-
things that no boy does,
and we writhe together and i defy
the natural laws of me-
the actual cause of me
is floating above your head somewhere
and i reach out to take what's mine-
it always has been
but it will not come to me
and i cannot go to it
so together we move
together we wait
for someone to notice
there's been a mistake
but the passers-by don't realize
there's an obscene hunger within me
strangely enough-i like it
it has tinges of
pride like tinsel that only sparkles
in flickering lights of strangers' eyes
it has the flavor of permanence
yet an aftertaste like dirt
and as i chew or your ear-
scratch your back-
catch the rhythm-
i can see down the road ahead.
i cant tell how far away the horizon is,
but i see the storm there-
it's raining indecision,
and i need to bathe in it-
wash away the clouds-
use them all up as if they were
holy water to a dying atheist
and when i step away clean
only then will there be
peace of mind-absolution-resolve
for everyone---
"turn on the lights
and hand me a towel,
would you, love?"