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7 short poems which, IMHO, exemplify the rest of the work...
and soon
blue oblivion
bunny of shallot
can pounce***
dead on arrival
death (about my grandfather)*
gargoyle (about a guy i met on the internet written in 96 or so)
great white ocean of summer (age 16)
gum on my shoe
it was here i drowned* (this one sticks with me even though i was only 14 when i wrote it... i dont know why i like it so)
i can't help (this is part one of two - june age 14)
i chose not
i didn't say (and this is the answer to part one also june 91, but a few days later)
mad at myself
on the ground (sitting on the sidewalk in san francisco... the day i realized i had a *problem* after i wrote this poem i wrote my anthem for the next few years called feed the monster)
polar bear* (teacher made us go look at taxidermied animals in a museum at school and then write about one)
ransom i remember exactly where i wrote this one too... sitting on the sofa in the apartment i shared with my g/f Elly... but the poem is about my ex ...probably the love of my life
rubberband a crush i had on my poetry teacher...
selfdestruct insanity takes hold...
selfdistruct and continues... (these might be the same weirdass poem)
since then age 14
someone else
stuffed rabbit age 19... inspired by a session with my therapist
the meaning
poet to end all another one about my teacher
u know what to say
velour** written as an assignment age 19
what ducks do late at night
your eyes*

this is all i have in this folder... ill try to put some other things here to assuage your boredoms :) the ones with the stars are my fav's

ohhhhhhhhhh pennie pennie pennie :) so so so happy happy happy to have

found found found...

here is the full list of the rest of the poems online. there might be some overlap in the two lists.

amphibious ice cream and an empty bowl
boot 7 poems
captain picard was my OBGYN or "Where No Man Has Gone Before"
curled up***
close your eyes
come with me another therapy session inspired poem - age 19
crystal age 21
elusive coffee bitch 1
elusive coffee bitch 2
elusive coffee bitch 3
elusive coffee bitch 4
elusive coffee bitch 5
erasergirl i wrote this in class... yes the one with the crush on my teacher... i felt like such an idiot she stopped the class to ask me what i was writing and would i please read it to everyone.
feed the monster
gracious*** karen was a cellist...
hating (make sure you're in a good head space before attempting this one) *****
here i am year is '97
how to find a lover lost in a freak hail storm about karen... got an A+ even though i didn't think much of it... people seem to like this one.
muscles***** age 21 the day after my first time with a boy
our kitchen sink
paper spiders
3 favorite poems by others
she stood
touch and go a little auto-bio?
turnstyles inspired by Karen's ass - god i love this one. (meant to be read out loud)
words a sonnet assignment - age 22
you have to break a few eggs my failed attempt at being inspired to write like ani... i think it got a C when turned in. i didn't want to revise it because i liked it like it was... oh well. i'm almost embarrassed by it now.

i just typed up some things i found that i'd written when i was 14. i left the spelling mistakes in tact... they are ultra cheesy, but i am always surprised at the things i was thinking about even then...
a lonely song 12/21/90
gone 11/10/90
fairy tale 11/11/90
death to all the cute & furry kittens 2/2/91
maybe i will 2/2/91