amphibious ice cream and an empty bowl

dig my spoon into your flavor
swallow it whole
swallow it cold
mingling luscious tastes
biting my lip
screaming into the dish
that was your face
was your waste
worshipping taste buds i forgot i had
reciprocation is not necessary
bought you with the money
i had for a snack
i saved to mack
truckin through your swirls
stirring you around my finger
lick it off with a long stealthy tongue
lizards of mind lizards of kind
coasting in amphibious ice cream
settling into the slush of
melting delicious soft voices
thin cries
thin thighs
rolling through the tempered mush
slurp up the juices i always
craved inside my mouth
verruca saltís
31 flavored malt
turning milky soup over in my spoon
settling for the last few drops
wanting two more scoops
bowl in hand
this is my demand