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Zoloft enduced dreams...
it's been over a year since i've updated this site. this is my outlet...
your web site is like sitting down in a dark and dirty bar and spilling your guts to the drunken stranger next to you.
it's an unconditional acceptance, because you know that you will never see the expression on the face staring into your soul.

photo album
goats for jen & jane
classic mousecam
So you finally did it, huh? You strangled the Retard.

this is the story that goes around my right ankle... the thing is you have to read it from right to left.
nikki and i were brainstorming different mice... and i looked down at the paper and realized...
it's the illustrations to 'me up at does'!!!... sometimes things just come together.

victor drew this phoenix on the last night that i saw him... i wear it to remind me that i come from ashes.

lou reed juliana hatfield
my latest is a girl in a box on my left hip, but it's still flakey :-/