You can stop the cutting for only a few goats a year!!!

listen to a song to set the mood!
It's called Devanny's Goat. (as played by fiddler, our resident Puck)
Now you can Test Your Knowledge of Goat Anatomy! (Thanks Adam!)

Goats! We should have a goat farm.
Jane and Jen need a goat farm to stop the cutting.

We wish to transfer to a small village in southern France and barter
for food. All we require is a house. and goats.

We will be perfectly happy, needing nothing should we have goats.
and a house.
and maybe a book about goats.

No more cutting, no more death wishes. just painting and writing
and goat-care.

jen would name them all Pan.

Jane would make goat soap. this is not soap for goats (as jen
originally assumed), no, it is soap from goats. also goat cheese.
and goat butter for that matter.
and no, jen, this is not soap from the actual goat!
this is soap from his milk.
as are the cheese and butter made from the milk.

Jane wants an all-white goat and a goat with two different colored
eyes. if this cannot be accomplished, then don't bother at all.
for the latter goat, one green eye and one blue. or brown. when it
snows the former goat should be all but vanished in the landscape.

jen would like a goat that can answer his name when called.
remember, they are all named Pan, so only one needs to answer.
if more than one answers, this is all right too.

Jane says:
"I like houses with nooks and crannies. Nook and cranny me to death."
yes. jen agrees.
a nice window box at every window.
a breakfast nook.
a bathroom nook.
i once took a bath in a bathtub big enough for 6 people.
(i was small at the time so it might be exaggerated.)
the bathroom had its own private garden outside the bay window.
this i would like.
also the bathroom must have oyster-cracker tiles.

and goat-nooks too. each goat needs his or her own nook.

book-nook. paint-nook. writing-nook. drawing-nook.
nook-nook who's there?
the nookie-nook.

love and goats,
Jane and a jen.

i was driving around doing the mundane things that i'm so afraid
to do lately, and i thought of the goats, and how lovely it will be.
i was wondering what colours the tiles in the bathroom will be
painted. different colour, every one? or a theme like pastels...
or a shade of red so incidious that if blood fell upon it...
no one would notice until they slipped in it.
but there would be no bloodshed here, that is the essence of the
goatery. can the house be a split level made of a darkly stained wood?
skylights yes. hammocks a plenty. goat hammocks yes.
we can have a goat-a-thon to raise money/goats.
it will be kinda like jerry lewis for the terminally suicidal.
leave everything to us, we will invest it in goats.
p.s. check out the kick ass goat page i found.
the goats are really cute, and there's actually a goat web ring.
how rockin is that!?! check out some great goat pix and OH MY GAWD.
Check out the flying goat screensaver. i think i'm going to cream myself.
[(no viruses detected by norton)i tried it out, but it doesnt work well.
it's small and worth peek before you delete it.
the noises are tres nifty.]

jen - 12/13/02



My drawing teacher brought in a milk goat for us to draw.
It looked like she had swallowed two beach balls. They are very sweet
animals with square pupils who will consider you part of their herd if
you spend time with them. My instructor said that they use psychic
communication tools to keep everyone together, but that struck me as
The next goat I met was in Nova Scotia. This goat loved to be petted
and loved attention. I like attention too, so I hope that the goats
and I will pay attention to each-other. One bad thing was the goat
didn't like his horns touched and liked to put all manner of shit in his

Adam's sweet goat tail.

I used to own a goat - it was called "Nana" even though it was a billy
goat. I was very young at the time (about 4 or 5) and a friend of my
parents had asked me what I wanted for my birthday. Of course, I said
"A goat." He went out and bought me a goat.

I was small enough at the time to ride on Nana's back while holding on
to his big curling horns. There was a pub across the road from where I
lived with a big garden at the back and they let us keep Nana there.

I think I wanted a goat because my grandad kept goats. I can remember
him taking me to milk them. Grandad would sit on a stool with his bucket
and get me to pump the goat's tail up and down to get the milk out.

Ahhh... Happy days.


Twilight's Eulogy for Nanny

My Auntie & Uncle next door used to have a goat. It was called Nanny
and lived for many years in the back part of the backyard. I used
to go over there a lot as my cousin lived there and we played a lot
when younger. She was a nice gentle goat but showed her other
side when the dog they had was allowed to run around up there with
her. Was funny watching them run around together. Nanny would bow
the head and kick the rear legs and start to charge the dog if it was
hassling her. The dog made an urgent "exit stage right" when that
happened and therefore suffered no head trauma from Nanny.

She was sadly missed when she departed for the big goat farm in the
sky, including by myself even though she wasn't mine. I remember
seeing her from my window as it looks out to their house, and i could
always see Nanny if she was out of her shed walking around or laying
about. The back part of their backyard seemed so empty for weeks
till i got used to her not being there anymore.

Nanny R.I.P


Elly's Story of Goats

When my partner and I first became involved 4 years ago...
she owned 35 goats and lived in the middle of "nowhere land"
Louisiana with her husband. I often wondered who would be
the most trouble...the husband or the goats. The goats were
the least of the problem. Goats are not "rednecks," they
don't have an ego, nor do they threaten to come after you
with a shotgun. In general, I like goats. As for the husband,
I think he needs to be goat food.

Young Wolf's Goat Research Institute Update

I was flipping through my Ol' Farmer's Almanac when I came upon a page with
different kinds of goats upon it, so I decided to share. Research for your goat
farm in southern France. The following are major north american breeds of goat.

Alpine - this breed originated in the Alps. they are also known as French-Alpine
and Apline dairy goats and are chosen for their excellent milk production

Angora - originating in the district of Angora in Asia Minor, this is one of the
oldest-known breeds and is used predominantly for its wool

Boer - introduced into North America in the 1990s, the Boer is a meat breed from
South Africa. it shows a variety of colors

LaMancha - a Spanish Murciana, with Swiss and Nubian crosses, the LaMancha
breed was developed in Oregon by Eula Frey and has no external ear. these
goats are milk producers

Nubian - also called Anglo-Nubian and developed in England, the Nubian is bred for
milk, meat, and hide production. it is the most popular breed in North America

Oberhasli - a dairy goat of medium size, this Swiss breed is vigorous and alert
in appearance

Pygmy - originally called the Cameroon Dwarf, from the former French Cameroon area,
this breed is generally chosen as a pet

Saanen - from the Saanen Valley in Switzerland, this is a predominantly white goat
and a superior milk producer

Toggenburg - called Tog, this is the oldest-known dairy goat, mostly brown with white
stripes on the face, ears, and legs (poet Carl Sandberg and his wife kept Togs)

Other goat information: the Egyptians worshipped goats, and the Greeks
sacrificed goats, making them "scapegoats" that took on the sins of the community
during the Middle Ages, Christians feared that goats were Satan's associates
because of their cloven hooves and their lecherous ways when in heat in
the traditional zodiac, the sign of Capricorn, represented by the goat, is
noted for creativity in Latin, the word for goat, capre, gives us capricious
for "lighthearted" or "impulsive"

that is all. if you want to hear about fainting goats, let me know, and I can transcribe
that as well.

y wolf
(this wolf does not eat goat... not often anyway)