Come with me
I'll guide you
I know a cavern deeper than this
so far down
it's pure like liquid air
no distortion by sun rays
only you
close your eyes
don't look out into your lids
peer into the sockets
when rotation ceases
and breath comes easy
you will see yourself
a child
let her lead you further
into the jasmine blossoms
go with her
down a shrouded
cloudy path
in through a door
up on a bed
feel Winter's crip air
hold her when you're ready
beacause her nightmare
has begun
enveloping like
the blanket
be overwhelmed by fear
and the sounds of a
grown-up party
realize what it means to her
grant her the right to hate
teach her to fight
and when she has won the battle
carry her back to
Summer's heat
unbandage her war wounds
and turn to walk back
past the jasmine
know that you have
healed her
but never forget how she felt
alone in the night
never forget
that you're the one
who taught her to slay
the monster under the bed.