Part I:
elusive coffee bitch

i really don't give a fuck
about your poems or your
crusty, rusty, musty, busty, lusty adjectives
i really don't give a fuck
about elusive, exclusive, conclusive, intrusive
self-serving poetry
so i will write my own damn ode
for all the coffee bitches i've ever met
why does that java pourin' ho'
have such an attitude?
Fuck you.
shut up and talk.
shut up and go.
shut the fuck up.
no i don't own deodorant,
bras, bathing suits, or slips,
but i got a dog.
don't mind my whining
i'll just sit here and sulk.
why is everything me, me, me?
cause i fuckin' say it is.
they don't clap cause you're punk rock,
they clap cause you're leaving.

please put your money in my jar.. thank you. :D