Part IV:
elusive coffee bitch gets a name

she knows what i drink
it's ready by the time i'm at the counter
does this mean that she'll have my baby?
does this mean i might ask her out?
hey... you... do you know that java jockey's name?
it eludes you?
well then, what do you know about her?
when she's at the sink
her dog sits at her feet?
and she, like all employees
must wash her hands before returning to work?
and oh...
an Irish vixen is occasionally to be found caressing her shoulder?
well... that's a surmountable obstacle.. i hope..
nah, i just think she's alright..
yes, this is my sixth mocha today, why do you ask?
do you know if she's working tomorrow?
i'm just curious...
she's the only one who can... um...
knows what i drink...

yesterday i tipped her with flowers, but i suggest you just give
money. :D