Part V:
elusive coffee bitch finally snaps

The media said: "She gunned down the entire crowd without feeling."
The masses called me: "The Disgruntled Coffee Bitch"
The police asked around: "Where'd a girl of her calliber obtain a
weapon that size?"
Those who knew me stated: "But she seemed so pleasant!"

But truth be told--
I was fed up.
I'd had it to my ears with
	"ultra-cool, sheik, trendy, hip, with-it" muthafuckas
I told them to get the hell away.
They didn't listen.
They continued to cackle and howl
	and talk stupid shit.
"Boys, girls, weed, hair, screwing, parents, new shoes and cars,
	need a job, school sucks.."
The same fucking conversations everyday tend to unnerve a girl.

Not very long ago, when I wasn't cool enough for them,
The mokes would say to the haole boys:*
	"Know what, if I was you I'd kill myself."
It was divine will, I was only its vessel.

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