So here we are in the Great White Ocean of Summer,
just two little fishes in the salty sea.
Would you swim through all the water,
through all the other little fishes (and the big ones too)
to visit me in my current?
if the world was a three-dimensional square,
just as I am,
would you brave the streams and the trickles of nothing
to be near to the things that you hold dear?
Would you live your little fish's life in a
fountain of colored lights to be happy in the next world?
The sun shines slowly down,
like fudge--thick and sweet--
but it can make you sick to your stomach.
In a sky colored chocolate would the rainbows melt?
Trickling prisms of light, I live for their glory.
I live for the joy they bring after the rain.
If all the voices swimming in your little fishy head
were to die,
where would your name end up?
Do you know?
You may think "there's more to life than this"
but you couldn't be more wrong.
It's all this simple.

Play the music loud, and scream when it hurts
no one can take you away, that is...
if you know yourself and where to look for yourself
in times of trouble...

The ocean is wide,
and deep,
but it will always be full of a watery sort of love...
called harmony.
We think we are little fishes,
and all the time we are striving to be something bigger,
something better,
and then we die
only to learn that
we were whales all along.