to be the gargoyle
sitting alone in his room
watching sunrise after sunrise
sleeping way past noon
all he wants is a woman
what he needs is anyone
anyone to talk to
anyone to cling to
nobody to call
no body to call home
do i mind if he writes it down 21 F in LA
and to think i was wondering
who is this sexed up asshole?
but he wasn't at all
he was the gargoyle
and you would think that his tongue could talk
you would think
would you think
think would you?!
he belongs to the chair holding him in
breathing from that tube beneath his chin
and he prefers to be called disabled
but he isn't
and it makes me wonder
what is all my pain about?
why was i crying this afternoon?
he says he hates pain
and i think that maybe i like it
why else would i smile at this burn on my arm?