touch and go

she was the type of girl who
forgot your name the minute you told her..
or maybe she never heard it in the first place
she was the type of girl who
got your number then lost it later

didn't need anyone
but everyone needed her
she would tell you she cared
she loved you too
and she would make love
like it was the end of the world
you would never know
that you were only some rest-stop in the middle
until it was too late
she collected lovers like trophies,
and although they were only a dozen or so,
(she was still young.. just getting started)
they would all give an appendage
to ensure her happiness..
she would make sure that you kept her in mind
and sent her a card postmarked nowhere
once every five years or so
she sounds so convincing when she says
it's forever
and even when she tells you that she makes
no promises
you know she doesn't mean you..
she means the world to you
when she knows she has reeled you in
she tags you like wild game
and then throws you back because
boredom sets in rapidly

touch and go is the history of her life
it was that way in her youth
all the people who should have stayed
only played
touch and go
it's all she learned from a young age
and it's all she'll ever know

you could have given her the world
and I could have given her the stars
she only wanted to know that
she could have these things..

she really wants for
nothing but your soul
only to know that
she's got your heart strings..
she wants for
nothing much at all
she has no desires..
no longing at all..
except to achieve
what they told her she couldn't
and she can have anything,
anything at all
and she does have it all
she reaches for the impossible
and when she has it she moves on to the next

she touches it all
then moves on
it's all she knows
touch and go.